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Congrats myShopi and De Standaard

Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 9 comments

You probably know by now…myShopi and De Standaard won the App of the Year 2012 awards. myShopi was rewarded with the App of the Year Jury Award 2012 last night and De Standaard was the winner of the App of the Year Public Award 2012. Congrats!

We’ll be updating our website with pictures and more information soon. Thanks to all the App of the Year visitors, you were awesome (and there were so many of you!). We’d also like to thank all of our sponsors and our great The Mobile Revolution team.

At the event? Use

Posted by on May 31, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 2 comments


Well, it’s almost time for App of the Year. Or maybe you’re already there. Just wanted to let you know visitors have their own mobile website: You can find more information about the location, program, … over there so check it out!

Win smartphones, tablets, gadgets, …at App of the Year

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 20 comments

Tomorrow you’ll finally find out which developers go home with the App of the Year Awards. But guess what? You can be a winner as well! There’s quite a lot of stuff you can pick from the gift barrel …

There are more than 200 prizes in our App of the Year gift barrel. In other words: everyone goes home a winner. You’ll get a free Wipit for sure. But what can you pick from the barrel? Fasten your seat belts, here we go:







- 4 Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones
- 4 BlackBerry Playbook tablets

Mobile Vikings top-ups and gear

- A monthly Mobile Vikings top-up for the rest of this year (2012)
- 15 monthly Mobile Vikings top-ups
- 1 Mobile VIkings hoodie
- 1 Mobile Vikings t-shirt

Mobile headphones

- 20 cool Nokia headsets
- 2 cool Microsoft headphones
- 1 in-ear headset for Android (Philips SHE9005A)
- 1 headband headset for Android (Philips, SHL9705A)


- BlackBerry accessories
- 2 white & 2 red Microsoft arc mice (so thin they fit your trouser pocket!)
- 2 Alchemy Goods messenger bags (thank you Microsoft!)
- 1 attachable battery pack for Blackberry Torch, Sony Ericsson Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, HTS Desire,.. (Philips, DLP2272)
- 1 similar model for iPhone (Philips, DLP2276)
- 1 Sony Entertainment Set with promotion codes for 6 months + headphones

The Mobile Revolution gear

- 50 mobile speakers (take your music everywhere on your smartphone)
- 100 smartphone holders for your desk

Games & apps

- 5 XBox games
- 4 times 6 months’ Sony Entertainment Network
- 5 ‘de Kiekeboes’ apps for iPhone
- Me and my App promotion codes

And that’s not all, folks: you can win movie tickets at the Microsoft booth as well!

Counting down to App of the Year (more information available)

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 13 comments


We’re excited you’ll be joining us tomorrow at the App of the Year event (#app2012)! In this post we’d like to tell you a bit more about what we think will be an exciting night.

Open bar and free pizza

First things first: refreshments (beer, soft drinks) are all on the house! If the weather is nice you can enjoy a chilled drink on our cozy city roof patio. You won’t be hungry either, since we’re placing a huge pizza order. Free.

Lots of prizes

In a winning mood? Pick your prize from our gift barrel and go home with a smartphone, tablet, amazing mobile accessory or some other nifty gadget. We’ve got over 200 prizes. Jup, it’s hard not to win something cool.

Interesting people

But there’s more to gain than gadgets at App of the Year. We’ve got three speaker corners and other booths lined up for you. Meet BlackBerry, Nokia, Microsoft, Twipe, Me and my App and other mobile key players.

Live music

But you need some entertainment too, right? We’ve got a hip photographer walking around to Instagram you! You can take a break in our chill room or enjoy live music. Oh, and don’t forget to talk to all the interesting people around you.

Vote for your favorite app

And of course we need you. More specifically: we need your votes! Bring your smartphone, because you and all the other attendees will decide on who is going to win the App of the Year Public Award.

If you really have to cancel …

What? You can’t make it after all? You’re sure? Bummer, because seats are limited and on an ‘invitation-only’ basis. If you’re really not able to come, please let us know asap so we can make someone else very happy. You can mail us at


When: Thursday, 31st May (doors open at 6 p.m.)
Where: Kinepolis Leuven (Get directions).

We’d like to thank our three big sponsors for helping us organize App of the Year! Big kudos to BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft!

Windows 8 demo & gadgets on App of the Year Thanks to Microsoft

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 14 comments

Tomorrow is the big ‘App of the Year’ day. We are very proud to present to you our last main sponsor: Microsoft! Thanks to Microsoft we can throw a whole lot of extra cool gadgets into the gift barrel. You’ll get a chance to experience the look and feel of Windows 8. And there’s more: Microsoft will be handing out movie tickets at the event!

Why is Microsoft sponsoring App of the Year?
Microsoft wants to help all developers that make a difference with their ideas and through hard work! The future is mobile, connected and ‘all about apps’. Everyone who contributes to that idea deserves positive recognition and a place in the spotlights!




What is Microsoft throwing into the gift barrel?

3 headphones
2 white & 2 red arc mice (so thin they fit your trouser pocket)
2 Alchemy Goods messenger bags
5 XBox games

You’re on the invitee list? That means you’ll be able to win great prizes on Thursday! On top of all that there will be free drinks, a lot of free pizza, live music, some quality time in the sun (there’s a balcony) and of course … the App of the Year Awards!

Jesse Ashfield live at App of the Year!

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 5 comments

We’re sure you noticed: it’s almost time for App of the Year. Thursday night we are putting a spotlight on Belgian app developers and we’re giving all attendees the chance to vote for the app that will get the App of the Year Public Award! We really want to turn this into an unforgettable evening, and so we made sure you’ll enjoy yourselves, with free drinks, free pizza, a place in the sun (there’s a large balcony), goodies for everyone and … live music. Today we introduce you to Jesse Ashfield!

The band Jesse Ashfield will play live at App of the Year. Already a fan? They’re still looking for funding. On you can support them by buying some fan shares. With your help they might be able to get into the studio and you might be able to share in their success later on.

Not yet a ticket for App of the Year? Keep a close eye on our website. We’re giving away the very last tickets real soon!

A free Wipit for every App of the Year attendee!

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 3 comments

A few months ago, we published an article on The Mobile Revolution on Wipit, a self-adhesive cleaning pad for your smartphone. A number of you were asking us (in the comments, in tweets and emails) where they could order these gadgets online.

Well, we have some good news for you! Wipit now has a webshop where you can buy these pads in a number of cool designs. And … every App of the Year visitor will get a free Wipit as a souvenir! On top of that: all our readers get a promotion code.

Wipit is a handy on-the-go microfibre pad that you can use to keep your smartphone screen squeaky clean. You can stick the easy-to-use self-adhesive pad on the back of your smartphone, which means you always have it on you when you need it. Wipits come in several designs and have fun text messages printed on them such as “Today is the Day”, “Tw**t Me I’m Famous”. This turns them into a great accessory for giving your smartphone just that extra personal touch. Companies or event organizers can order custom-made wipits with their logo’s, which makes it the perfect promotional gadget!

Why is Wipit sponsoring App of the Year?
If you use applications on your smarpthone intensively, you can’t ignore Wipit. The more cool apps you’ll use, the grubbier your screen will look: a problem you’re no doubt familiar with. Wipit is a cool gadget that makes it easy for you to navigate the pages of your favorite apps in on a clear, clean screen. The Wipit cleaning pad comes in the shape of an app icon and you can stick or ‘glue’ it on the back of your smartphone/tablet. It is the perfect gadget for advertisers, app developers and marketers that want to give their products or services extra visibility. The App of the Year Wipits will of course highlight “The Mobile Revolution”, but we are hoping other companies will find out about them and see how they can be used as promotional gadgets.

Fun for everyone!
And we have something extra for all our readers. During the App of the Year week (starting Sunday 3 June) you’ll get an extra App of the Year Wipit when you place an order on the Wipit webshop, using the promotion code mobilerev.

Drinks offered by Blackberry @ App of the Year

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 4 comments

Now that App of the Year is approaching, we are putting the spotlights on our main sponsors. We are really proud to announce that our friends at BlackBerry were very happy to partner with us for App of the Year.

BlackBerry supports App of the Year because they believe in the power of communities. ”We really believe in a close working relationship with developers. That’s why we offer them knowhow, (marketing) support and all the necessary tools. And it’s also the reason behind our enthusiasm for an event such as ‘App of the Year’, which gives Belgian developers visibility.”

How does BlackBerry support App of the Year?
“Next to structural sponsoring – which allows the organization to offer all visitors refreshing drinks free of charge – we also contribute to the gift barrel. Among the 200 prizes in the barrel are 4 Playbooks. Those of you who have no or little experience with BlackBerry can visit our speaker’s corner for more information or just to meet up and chat with us.”

In the speaker’s corner BlackBerry will talk about the tools and support they offer developers, and why developing for the BlackBerry platform is an interesting option, now and in the future.

What does BlackBerry think about the App of the Year nominees?
“We think The Mobile Revolution came up with a great initiative. It’s really difficult to choose from all the exciting apps that were nominated. Personally we like using the Collect & Go app by Colruyt, which is easy to handle and saves us a lot of time. Videozone is our favorite though: it allows you to create your personal movie stream by setting up your favorite channels, and makes it possible to save movies, so that you can play them later without access to wifi or 3G. Moreover, the app is very user friendly.”

We are looking forward to meeting BlackBerry at App of the Year. Readers who don’t have a ticket for the event: please leave your questions for BlackBerry in the comments!

PS: That’s right, drinks are free at App of the Year thanks to BlackBerry! And what about winning one of those Playbooks?

Nokia invites you to App of the Year

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 23 comments

With less than a week to go before App of the Year, we are putting the spotlights on our main sponsors. We begin with Nokia. Apart from a very generous contribution to the gift barrel (4 Lumia 800 devices as well as 20 bluetooth head sets) Nokia also provides structural aid, which allowed us to invite up to 200 people!

“We are looking forward to presenting the Nokia Windows Phone smartphones at App of the Year,” was what Nokia told us straight from day 1. “We want to fully support the development of these devices both in Belgium and the Netherlands. An event such as App of the Year is the perfect occasion for that.”

“We have a demo booth at our speakers’ corner, where developers can check out the devices and play around with them. Our team will be there to answer questions and give information on the Windows Phone and Symbian platforms.“

What does the Nokia delegation think about the App of the Year Award?
“We predominantly use the Lumia 800 because it is the fastest device we have on the market, even though we are already looking forward to the Lumia 900. We have focused mainly on Windows Phone apps, but picking a winner is not easy. Then again, apps like MyShopi, Flanders Classics, ING and BNP Paribas Fortis … they do stand out.

Do you have questions for Nokia, but are you not on the invitee list for App of the Year? Let us know in the comments and we’ll pass them on to Nokia on the 31st of May for you!

PS: Yes, that’s right, we are giving away 4 Lumia’s and 20 head sets at App of the Year! With a bit of luck, you’re the one to pick one of these fine gadgets out of the gift barrel!

Shortlist App of the Year announced

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in App of the Year (blog) | 14 comments

In the run-up to the ‘App of the Year 2012’ Award Event, we are making our first big announcement today. Our editors have evaluated all applications, and selected a shortlist of 20 Belgian apps. The App of the Year 2012 ‘Public Award’ and ‘Jury Award’ will be chosen from this list.

More than 100 applications were submitted for nomination. It was of course impossible to include all of them into the final race for the award. That is why we made a preselection which in turn resulted in this shortlist.

How were the applications on the shortlist selected? These are the criteria our editors were asked to evaluate the apps on:


-how original or innovative is the app?
-what is its usefulness in daily life?
-what is your first impression?
-how do you rate its design?
-how do you rate its usability?
-do you intend to keep using this app for a longer time?

Following this first evaluation round, our editors came up with the following shortlist (top 20) for App of the Year 2012:

Boxes Flanders Classics MoodClock SkiMaps
Collect&Go Het Nieuwsblad myShopi SMS-Parkeren
iRailLiveboards KBC-Mobile Banking MyViking Touring Mobilis (Pro)
De Standaard Kinepolis De Morgen Mobile Videozone;
Sporza en
De Tijd mijnTVgids Viking!

Update:  The De Lijn and Perfect Viewer apps were not developed by a company located in Belgium. This means we had to remove them from the shortlist. Congrats, iRailLiveboards (BeTrains Shortcuts) and De Morgen Mobile, you were number 21 and 22 and are now officially on the shortlist for App of the Year 2012.

These 20 applications are in the running for the App of the Year Public Award 2012 and the App of the Year Jury Award 2012!

This weekend the jury will meet to determine which application will win the Jury Award. Invitees for App of the Year 2012 will vote the winner of the Public Award at the event next Thursday.